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Rebuilding America one opportunity at a time......

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At AmeriBuild we recognize that "by investing in people, America gets a great return".

The investment in people creates the greatest returns, it has been proven by investing and training people in various professions those very reciepients will take pride in their immediate environment, neighborhoods and their craft and/or new profession. There are independant studies that reveal the best way to change a persons behavior or mindset is by addressing their environment, this creates self interest inturn self interest creates a since of ownership, ownership creates pride, pride in self and ones environment.


Well we don't have to tell you what a since of pride will do in ones environment, it creates better homes, better neighborhoods, safer neighborhoods, increased property values; better schools for our children, last but not least it promotes awareness and investments from Corporate America. The returns for Private Sector and Corporate America are immeasureable, both in Humanitarism and Economic Profitability. Investing in people is good for Government as well, it develops sustainability, which creates a larger tax base that secures communities' and infrastructures.

Together we can build a better America

To have young people working can change the base of American gross national production (GNP) by 18.4%
We can do it, give America a chance

Considering that at one point in this country we were the worlds leader in the automotive industry, technology,
and communications.
Hard to believe isn't it.  



Let's get back to the basics and Americans back to work




  •  The inventor's of the PC

          (personal comuter)

               Our great imagination. 


  • The inventor's of the TV  (television)                       

              Our great imagination. 


  • The inventor's of the telephone and Cellular phone, 

              Let's get our imagination back, along with the production.